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Wellbeing Collective

This collective will help you

amplify your impact and scale your business earnings,

right now and against all odds,

during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

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Why join the Wellbeing Collective now?

So many lives are in total turmoil as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. Many businesses are on the brink of closure and people left in a state of financial difficulty which is putting emotional stress on everyone at some level.

Spirit of Hemp is humbled and blessed to remain high on the must have list for many people at this time and as a result we are experiencing a clear growth in sales. This is partly due to the fact we remain one of the few businesses still able to deliver our products and services within the restrictions of social distancing. Also if you have any experience with Spirit of Hemp it is not a big step to imagine the myriad of reasons that our community is relying on Spirit of Hemp CBD oil products to help them maintain a sense of emotional and physical balance now more than ever.

Great for Spirit of Hemp! - but what is the point? How does that relate to me ?

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed " - Napoleon Hill

We have taken the truth of this quote to heart in the design of our Wellbeing Collective.

How can we help you increase wellbeing and income right now?

  1. Spirit of Hemp has created an affiliate programme with inflated commissions on two tiered levels of referred sales to create maximum impact during this crisis.
  2. We are making this a simple process to get you earning fast.
  3. We are busy recording short and practical trainings to give you added skills and confidence even if you have never done anything like this before.
  4. We will nurture a community of like-minded people acting from a place of balance and power to support you in this venture through group brainstorming, win shares, problem solving and live trainings.
  5. We will make payouts available every two weeks so you can access your funds.
  6. There are no joining fees, membership fees or any fees ever, for those who join as founding members now.
  7. Joining the Wellbeing Collective you have nothing to loose and much to gain.

What can you do to help yourself, your clients and the broader community right now?

  1. You can join our Wellbeing Collective affiliate programme now and receive a 25% commission every sale you refer. Plus when you refer your friends and colleagues, you will get a bonus 10% commission on every one of their sales.
  2. Lead by example and use your Spirit of Hemp oils ! For those who are experienced with our products you already know first hand how quality cbd oil can positively impact on a physical and emotional level.
  3. Be aware many people are suffering. Amplify your impact from a distance. Find ways to use your existing skills combined with Spirit of Hemp to help support others in achieving a state of wellbeing.
  4. Empower your clients and community by simply sharing with them what you are experiencing!
  5. Remember - despite social distancing ,you still have the power to influence virtually! In fact you can reach more people virtually than you could ever access in person!
  6. Join our FB community and find out how others are making this work for them, get more ideas and use our hive mind!
  7. Start asking empowering questions like: "How can I you add the most value for those around me?""
  8. Take action now!
  • Our Wellbeing Collective is open to all types of wellness practitioners, including but not limited to therapists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, health and wellness clinics and studio owners, massage, beauty and hair practitioners and health restaurant owners worldwide. We are also open to our existing customer base who would like to impact and serve their community in partnership with Spirit of Hemp.

    In short if your are a fan (or soon to be fan) of Spirit of Hemp and are willing to take massive action to impact peoples lives in a positive manner, you are perfectly placed to boost your income right now.

  • All Wellbeing Collective members will have access to our private Facebook group. We will actively connect with and support each other in our exciting hive full of like minded practitioners , experts and enthusiasts. This is a place for sharing wins, strategies as we collectively brainstorm our way out of difficulties. Together we will amplify our impact and success. Featuring weekly "live" sessions and helpful videos.

  • Our Wellbeing Collective will also be supported with a series of short video trainings to help set you up for serving and impacting your community fast.

  • Our Wellbeing Collective programme is free to join right now. If you join BEFORE APRIL 23rd Midnight GMT you will never be subject to any joining or membership fees, ever.

  • Wellbeing Collective is not a multi-level marketing platform. It is a two tiered referral programme with higher than normal commissions. Our aim is to provide income, skills and support to practitioners and Spirit of Hemp enthusiasts who are actively serving those around them.

  • Wellbeing Collective is not for anyone whose only measuring stick to success is money. We are a group of people who see a bigger vision for our society and our planet. We are on a mission of service to positively impact the wellbeing of others, leaving a plentiful legacy to be proud of for generations to come.

Louise Callinan
Founder of Spirit of Hemp

P.S. If you agree with the following statement, you are in the right place!

"Life supports all action that is in true support of life "