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*Is CBD oil a good choice for you personally?

*Are there other supplements you could be taking to support your health?

*Have you checked compatibility between your supplements and medications?

*Would you like to consult with a qualified Nutrition expert to take your health and wellbeing to the next level?

Let's start talking about your health and wellbeing.

Whether you are new to taking supplements  (cbd or otherwise) or have a specific health need our team of qualified nutrition experts are here for you. They are also trained to understand which nutrients may work best for specialist conditions, as well as support for life stages such as puberty, fertility, pregnancy or menopause and also check compatibility with medication.


What to expect from your nutritionist appointment?

Our nutritionists will start off by getting to know you. What are your symptoms or health needs? What have you tried so far? They will also ask you about your diet and lifestyle. Towards the end of the call, the Nutritionist will put forward their recommendations to you and confirm any supplements you should consider taking.

30 min Private Consultation: FREE (by Video or Phone) 

  • Whether you are new to taking CBD oil supplements, not sure which product is best for you, need help with dosage, have a specific question or health need you would like to support, our team of expert Nutritionists are here for you. 
  • Our Nutritionists are trained to understand which nutrients may work best for specialist conditions and also check compatibility with medication.

60 minutes In-depth Nutrition Consultation: £80  (by Video or Phone) 

  • An in-depth review of your health and creation of a bespoke plan including personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimise your health.
  • Our Head of Nutrition will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and diet diary to allow us to really get to know you before the consultation.

Booking your appointment is quick and easy. 

How it works

  • Book a 30 or 60 minute appointment in the calendar below.
  • Complete & pay (if needed ) for your appointment.
  • You'll then receive confirmation details by email, and instructions on how to join your nutritionist appointment.

Book your consultation now.