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Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Hemp Tea

Published on 1st October 2020

Consuming hemp in our diets is in the midst of a renaissance. With the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 and packed full of healthy plant protein, more people are waking up to hemp’s nutritional benefits adding hemp protein powder, hemp seeds and hemp seed oils to their diets. However, hemp consumed in a tea or infusion (such as our own Pure Hemp Tea) also merits an inclusion into any health conscious nutritional routine. So today we’re going to celebrate five reasons why we love hemp tea. 

1. It Tastes Great

‘Hang on a sec’, you might be thinking. ‘I’ve tried CBD oil and it tastes pretty funky. How can hemp tea taste so different?’

We’re kind of biased, so you’re right not to just take our word for it about hemp tea tasting delicious. Thankfully ‘Great Taste’ the world's largest and most trusted food and drink awards, have included our Pure Hemp Tea in its ‘Stars of 2020’ saying:

“"What a gratifying surprise. There's a delicious mintiness followed by the subtle but unmistakable 'hemp' flavour. Addictive for all the right reasons and an extra tick for bravery...Surprisingly appealing, this may convince those for whom hemp is usually too vegetal a flavour – there's an uplifting mintiness balancing the vegetal notes. A sound and sippable example of hemp infusion."

2. Hemp Tea is Abundant in CBDA

For most of us, the world of cannabinoids (the special compounds only found in cannabis and hemp) is a new one, and we’ve probably only just got our heads around the benefits of CBD.

We probably also assume that if you picked some fresh hemp from a field, it would be positively dripping in CBD, particularly as CBD oils are often called hemp extracts.

In reality, fresh hemp contains barely any CBD at all (shocking right?). Instead it is abundant in CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) which is known as CBD’s acidic precursor. For CBDA to become CBD it has to be heated to temperatures of approximately 110 degrees celsius. However, as most of us will hopefully remember from high school science, water boils at 100 degrees celsius, which means the CBDA in our hemp flowers stays just as it is. 

Why is this a good thing if all the fuss is about CBD? While it’s true CBD has been getting all the headlines, this doesn’t mean CBDA is without any benefit. Even the granddaddy of cannabinoid science, Professor Raphael Mechoulam has spoken about the huge potential CBDA offers for our health, as long as scientists find a way to manage its instability under heat conditions. 

3. Hemp Tea is Exempt From Novel Foods

If you’re in any way involved with the CBD industry, you will have heard about the classification of cannabinoids (including CBD) as a novel food: something that prior to 1997 was not commonly consumed as part of our diets. 

Clearly, hemp itself has been eaten for thousands of years, but the Food Standards Agency argue that because CBD oils have been through some sort of extraction process using solvents (like ethanol and CO2), they are novel and must therefore go through an expensive authorisation process proving their safety. 

So from April 2021, when any CBD products must have a valid application for novel food authorisation in order to be legally sold, we will inevitably see a slimming down of the market, and possibly an overall move towards CBD oils made from isolate - which is not to everyone’s taste.

Thankfully, the hemp used in our organic Pure Hemp Tea have not been through any extraction process and therefore is not considered novel. So for anyone currently benefiting from whole plant hemp extracts, hemp tea could be a useful alternative to try. 

4. Hemp Tea is a Relaxing Brew

Many of us are struggling to feel particularly zen at the moment. Worries of job loss and more months of lockdown looming are disrupting our sleep and furrowing our brows.

Enjoying a relaxing brew before bedtime is a good way to prepare the body and mind for a quality night’s sleep. Popular choices are herbal favourites such as chamomile, however, teas made from hemp flowers are also a great way to relax before we hit the sack.

That’s not to say that hemp tea should only be enjoyed at night. I love to drink chilled hemp tea with a slice of lemon during the day to keep me feeling calm and centred. 

5. Hemp Tea is THC Free

There’s nothing inherently wrong with THC and in most CBD oils, the amounts are so low they are barely detectable and certainly don’t cause any psychoactive effect. Even still, many people would like to avoid THC all together, so our Pure Hemp Tea is the perfect way to enjoy natural cannabinoid goodness, without any THC.

These are five reasons we love hemp tea, but perhaps you can think of some others you’d like to add to the list. Why not join our Spirit of Hemp Facebook community and tell us why you love hemp tea.

Otherwise if you’d like more info on our Pure Hemp Tea, which incidentally comes in loose form or tea bags, head to our webshop where our customer service team is there to help.