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Do you want to achieve all that is possible with CBD? Then you need this information.

Published on 24th July 2020

With more and more research appearing daily,  we strongly suggest you prioritise using a full compliment of real cannabis terpenes.

Spirit of Hemp:

1. Have always understood the importance of terpenes and offered our clients a premium extract.

2. Reintroduce a full compliment of terpenes after extraction. 

3. Prioritise the full compliment of almost 200 hemp sourced terpenes for a trie entourage effect.

4. Take no short cuts by using a small range of terpenes sourced from plants other than cannabis in an effort to 'manufacture' an entourage effect with a small range of the most common terpenes found in hemp as is often seen  in the market place. 

5. Respect the natural balance of the plant, and believe this is the true secret behind us consistently achieving outstanding results for our customers.

6. Use only Whole raw plant extract  CBD + CBDA and <0.2% THC.

7. Do not use Isolate CBD

8. `Place importance on 3rd party lab results - premium quality guaranteed. 

9. Use only Soil Association certified organic, hand harvested hemp. 

10. Package in Miron glass bottles preserving the potency of our premium oil. 

With more and more research appearing daily about the importance of Terpenes improving the effects of CBD, We at Spirit of Hemp are most sincerely grateful for the groundbreaking research into terpenes by Dr Ethan Russo that inspired our formula. 

"Terpenes are the life force, the quintessential 5th element or the spirit of the plant."

- Dr. Ethan Russo,
Neurologist and Medical Scientist.

"Spirit of Hemp is rich in terpenes and abundant with Life Force. We prize the "spirit of the plant" so highly, we not only created our oil around it, we named our brand after it.

- Louise Callinan,
Founder of Spirit of Hemp

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