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CBD oil and emotional support

Published on 5th June 2018

As a psychoanalytical hypnotherapist, therapist and coach, people come to me for many different reasons including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and many other life-limiting emotional issues. I am not a psychiatrist so do not prescribe medication, however, I do suggest people research something if I think it might help, and CBD oil is often one of the things I suggest they look into. Consequently, I am witnessing some interesting results with the oil, such as a client with severe traumatic stress, who reported it took two days to find calmness again. Two days! 

It was through my own health journey that I started looking into the benefits of CBD oil, primarily for its use with cancer, and the more I researched, the more I discovered just how versatile this plant is, consequently I now recommend people research its use for a variety of things.

I now use Spirit of Hemp CBD oil as a cancer preventative, and in doing so I have discovered some unexpected benefits, for instance, my arthritis has pretty much vanished, my immune system is stronger than ever, and it’s most definitely my preferred form of pain relief.
If you would like to know more about any of those please feel free to contact me however they are not why I am writing this article. As well as helping me I have noticed how much CBD oil can help my clients.

There is a myriad of reasons why someone has anxiety, or depression, or emotional trauma, and the therapeutic world has spent many years trying to find ways to relieve the symptoms, so I am wondering why CBD oil is not yet part of the mainstream medical protocol (answers on a postcard please).  Research has shown that it activates a body system, the endocannabinoid system, that may naturally deal with the chemical stress responses. By removing the chemical stress responses the body may then deal with the original reason for the emotional stress response by creating hormones. In other words, CBD oil could allow the body to do what it’s designed to do.

So what have I witnessed? I have clients with anxiety who have reported great relief. In some, they have reported almost instantaneous effects and in others, it has taken a few weeks to work; each body reacts differently. Anxiety is the body’s fight and flight response, so is a very physical experience (as anyone who has had an anxiety attack will tell you), CBD oil potentially calms the whole system down because the endocannabinoid system is part of the fight and flight response.

For more information about how CBD oil could help anxiety:

I have noticed it has potential with clients suffering from depression. The CBD oil creates a feeling of calmness and also one of warmth and safety. "A hug from the inside" is how someone described it to me. Again, it’s understandable that if a body and mind is out of balance enough to create depression, the body system wants to realign.

For studies in this look at

Coping mechanisms such as obsessive-compulsive disorders and eating disorders may also find relief in varying degrees. The oil may reduce anxiety which means the sufferer is triggered far less, which in turn stabilises the situation enough to be dealt with through therapy such as EMDR.

For more on the potential of CBD oil for OCD :

 Links to information on CBD oil and PTSD :

There is so much research outside of the UK that is giving scientific proof to why CBD oil works so well. Please feel free to follow the links to find out more about each subject mentioned. 

In conclusion, through my own personal experience and as a therapist, I believe that Spirit of Hemp CBD oil can help many people and its beneficial potential should become more widely known. It’s helped many of my clients. It’s certainly helped me! 

Things to know when thinking about using CBD oil:

1. Read the research: there is a growing body of evidence backed by scientific research from countries that have different drug laws to the UK. Read about your endocannabinoid system and it’s function.
2. Be aware that your body is unique, and just like with all other medications, your body’s response will be it’s own. Therefore...
3. Start off slowly. Just a drop or two might be all that your body needs. Start slow and increase slowly. Your endocannabinoid system might need waking up.
4. Give it time. Having spent years saying "give it a few weeks" to clients on psychotropic medications such as antidepressants, I now say the same about CBD oil; give it a few weeks to build up, don't write it off as not working if it's not doing so straight away for you.
5. Take it every day. Possibly obvious but how many of us forget when we start feeling better ? (Forgetting what made us feel better in the first place!)
6. Get it from a reputable source. Not all oils are the same. I use Spirit of Hemp.

For more about Michelle:

Michelle Moore is a Transitional Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Natural Energy Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, WingWave EMDR coach, Access Bars Practitioner, Medium and Auricular Acupuncturist based in East Sussex in the UK. She’s been transforming the lives of all kinds of people all over the world through her unique mix of therapeutic techniques and intuitive abilities. She’s been a practising psychoanalytical hypnotherapist since 2008; making the decision to get her qualification after experiencing the power of the technique in transforming her own life.


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