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Endocannabinoid Diet & Activities - Guide

Published on 25th November 2020

Learn how to support your health by caring for your endocannabinoid system through adding a few simple foods and activities to your daily routine, with Uta Boellinger  (Head of Nutrition @ Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is one of the most important systems involved in supporting and maintaining health. Endocannabinoids (chemical messengers… read more

Everything you need to know about SLEEP

Published on 25th November 2020

Problems falling or staying asleep also appear to be on the rise. A recent report showed that monthly NHS prescriptions for Melatonin, the hormone which helps us fall asleep, rose by 148% from June 2014 to May 2019.

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Spirit of Hemp (Our Honest Review) by

Published on 11th November 2020

It is always nice to have positive attention so are rather thrilled to have been approached by CBD Bible as they came across out oil.They sent just sent us a copy of their piece.“Spirit of Hemp (Our Honest Review)Spirit of Hemp are a CBD company based in the UK. We… read more

Checked compatibility between your supplements and medication?

Published on 9th October 2020

Let's talk about your health.Whether you are new to taking supplements  (cbd or otherwise) or have a specific health need our team of qualified nutrition experts are here for you. They are also trained to understand which nutrients may work best for specialist conditions, as well as support for life… read more

Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Hemp Tea

Published on 1st October 2020

Consuming hemp in our diets is in the midst of a renaissance. With the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 and packed full of healthy plant protein, more people are waking up to hemp’s nutritional benefits adding hemp protein powder, hemp seeds and hemp seed oils to their diets.… read more

CBD Caper & Sun Dried Tomato Groat Bread

Published on 2nd September 2020

"This bread in all forms has completely changed my life... adding in fun flavours like capers and sun dried tomatoes makes this bread go from an everyday item, to a show stopping, delicious addition to any meal you may be consuming. Yes... I eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner,… read more

Banana & Choc-Chunk CBD Muffins

Published on 27th August 2020

"This recipe has been a constant staple this summer. I have been making it for all my friends as a delicious after dinner or mid afternoon snack. Other than being just insanely yummy and indulgent... These chill our muffins take the "edible" game to the next level. I love to… read more


Published on 18th August 2020

CBD Flapjacks - What a dream come true! The latest Vegan Wise recipe is bound to have you drooling for more."These delightfully sweet, but fiery, flapjacks make the perfect after dinner treat... especially because the CBD truly winds the day down nicely. I make these for our weekend yoga retreats… read more

Avocado and Tahini CBD Dressing

Published on 11th August 2020

Welcome to the 4th recipe collaboration with Vegan Wise. This zesty tahini style dressing uses the Spirit of Hemp Original 3% CBD+CBDA+Terpenes Oil. "This is my go to dressing, I literally add it to everything I make. From roast veggies, to green salads, to jacket potatoes. I especially love adding in the… read more


Published on 4th August 2020

Introducing the third recipe in our collaboration with Vegan Wise - A CBDA Chai Latte. It is both delicious and soul warming. You can use either our Loose Leaf Organic Pure Hemp Tea or Tea Bags.Curious about the difference between CBD and CBDA? Then check out the blog: CBDA vs CBD - What's the… read more