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Life Force Blog

Coronavirus Special - Does CBD Support the Immune System?

Published on 11th March 2020

Right now, as we teeter on the edge of a coronavirus crisis, it’s more important than ever to make sure our immune system is in tip top shape. With CBD being touted by some as the answer to every malaise known to humankind, we thought this would be a good… read more

Full Spectrum CBD Vs CBD Isolate

Published on 5th March 2020

We’re used to taking medication in its strongest and purest form. Whenever we’ve got a health complaint we tend to go in ‘all guns blazing’ and nuke our ailment into submission. Following this paradigm, it’s easy to assume that choosing the purest and highest strength CBD product would be the… read more

Why Spirit of Hemp Supports a Better Regulated CBD Industry

Published on 26th February 2020

The CBD industry has exploded exponentially in the last five years. While Spirit of Hemp goes the extra mile to ensure our customers enjoy quality whole plant CBD oil in every bottle, other companies appear to be less exacting about their standards. The situation has been worsened by an overall lack… read more

CBD Oil and Pregnancy - How Safe Is It?

Published on 26th February 2020

CBD Oil and Pregnancy - How Safe Is It?Think of a time when if you’re a woman, you’re most likely to experience back pain, nausea, and anxiety? It would be during pregnancy, right? It’s no surprise then we’re often asked if it’s ok to take CBD oil during pregnancy. We… read more

Is CBD An Adaptogen?

Published on 4th December 2019

Stress is everywhere at the moment. As a species we don’t do well with uncertainty, but between Brexit, an upcoming general election, and an environmental crisis careering towards us, quite a few of us are having sleepless nights. Throw in the normal stressors such as juggling careers with raising a… read more

Why CBD Brings Balance to Our Bodies and Minds

Published on 25th November 2019

Speak to anyone who takes CBD oil on a regular basis and you will often hear how they experience increased wellbeing. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a “state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”, wellbeing can often feel out of our grasp. So why does CBD oil in particular… read more

History of Medical Cannabis

Published on 18th November 2019

The current popularity of CBD oil can make it seem like CBD’s use is very much limited to the past 10 years. However, hemp was present in the lives of our ancestors for thousands of years as a source of fibre, a nutritious ingredient in traditional recipes, and in many… read more

Spirit of Hemp Hair Treats

Published on 30th October 2019

The Spirit of Hemp family were delighted when Chelsea salon Hari’s decided to offer their clients a ‘Balancing Mind, Body and Scalp’ treatment featuring our very own CBD Life Force Serum. Our happiness only multiplied when Stylist Magazine ran a feature on Hari’s luxurious hemp hair and scalp therapy. Sadly, for… read more

More Than Just A CBD Massage Oil

Published on 26th October 2019

Roll up, Roll up all massage addicts out there. You know who you are. We want to wow you with the ultimate luxurious, one-stop massage oil that will put all other contenders in the shade. This is a CBD topical oil like no other that will turbocharge any massage you… read more

CBD and the endocannabinoid system

Published on 2nd October 2019

How Does CBD Affect the Endocannabinoid System?Head to any CBD company’s website and they’re sure to regale you with ways in which CBD oil supports the healthy functioning of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Ignoring the fact that most people still don’t know they even have an endocannabinoid system, how much… read more