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About Us

Hello, my name is Louise Callinan and I'm the founder of Spirit of Hemp. 

After a long battle with IBS and debilitating migraines, I came to realize the power of CBD oil as part of my own healing journey. Almost instantly my life was improved. I was able to eat a meal without being in pain and my migraines began to decrease in frequency and finally cease.

After using many brands of varying quality and much research, I was inspired to produce the highest quality oil available and decided to formulate my own oil.

For me, all ingredients must come from a certified organic producer and I must see all Lab reports certifying their potency. I am interested in the value and synergistic strength of the whole plant. 

This led me to understand that when any CBD oil is extracted it loses up to 60% of the terpenes as the plant matter must be dried to extract CBD oil.  To overcome this challenge, Spirit of Hemp has created a propriety blend, steam distilled from certified organic terpenes and we blend them back into the extract. 

I am thrilled to have sourced these terpenes, which are in fact more precious/expensive than the CBD itself. The cost is negligible once the benefits of our oil are experienced! (It was after adding the terpenes back into our oil that I experienced the total cessation of my migraines).

Spirit of Hemp source the best whole raw hemp extract containing high amounts of CBD & CBDA with precious Hemp terpenes and carried in MCT oil from organic coconuts.

In the interest of delivering the highest quality product possible. I am very proud to inform you that our oil is also made from hand-harvested organic flowers. 

Since producing my own blend, I have used my new found strength and vitality to share this true gift of nature with others.

We value integrity, purity of organic ingredients as nature intended, sustainability for our planet and transparency for all our customers through third-party lab testing.

This formula, we believe is unique and highly effective CBD+ CBDA oil returning the body to its intended state of balance and well-being through true whole plant synergy.