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Whole raw hemp extract custom blended
with pure hemp terpenes
CBD + CBDA (50:50)
100% Organic

Why people are choosing
Spirit of Hemp?

High terpene content with true hemp terpenes

Certified organic hand-harvested hemp

Co2 Extracted - 100% certified organic and natural ingredients

Whole raw plant extract CBD + CBDA with < 0.1% THC

3rd party lab results - premium quality guaranteed

Miron glass preserving the potency of our oil

5-star product reviews and outstanding customer service

UK family-owned company

Free Shipping Worldwide

Our successful formula is inspired by the groundbreaking
research into terpenes by Dr Ethan Russo

Terpenes are the life force, the quintessential 5th element or the spirit of the plant.
- Dr. Ethan Russo,
Neurologist and Medical Scientist.
Spirit of Hemp is rich in terpenes and abundant with Life Force. We prize the "spirit of the plant" so highly, we not only created our oil around it, we named our brand after it.
- Louise Callinan,
Founder of Spirit of Hemp

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